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  Powtran will attend Canton Fair April.15th~19th, 2011

Date:2011-03-25        Publisher:Grant

As a professional & experienced manufacturer of frequency converters (variable frequency drives, VFDs), motor soft starters, EMC filters and related electrical equipments, we (POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd.) have been taking the lead to attend Canton Fair, China for several years. You are welcome to visit our booth in Canton Fair, 2011 then..

The visitors, who will visit China during this period, don't miss to visit and have a meeting with our company (DaLian Powtran Technology Co.,Ltd., Shenzhen POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd.). The excellent quality of our products (V/F control, vector control VFD, closed loop vector frequency converters, motor soft starters, brake units, EMI filter...) won't let you disappointed.

109th Canton Fair 109th Canton Fair booth of Powtran in 109th Canton Fair clients and Powtran in 109th Canton Fair clients and Powtran in 109th Canton Fair Powtran in 109th Canton Fair meeting with Powtran in 109th Canton Fair Powtran in 109th Canton Fair 109th Canton Fair Powtran in 109th Canton Fair

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