Motion control solution (energy saving & better process control): frequency inverter, variable speed drive (VSD), VFD, adjustable frequency drive (AFD), closed loop vector AC drive, motor soft starter, brake units...
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Photos of meeting with clients and partners from different countries in Powtran

Brand building

Brand explanation: Powtran Technology LOGO is made up of square, triangle, circle and other basic figures. Wholly appears a “P” shape. 3 triangles ascend round and round, small and big, like the emittance of the power, also like a sailboat of POWTRAN: Dalian and Shenzhen; The triangles and square are specially designed to make the logo precise, indicating Powtran Products’ stable, reliable and eminent; The main color red and black, representing the power, life and enterprise with wing.

POWTRAN is combined with Power and Transform, which shows drive, control and resource of Powtran. Paraphrase of brand: Powtran logo was Set up in 2001 and registered as the trade mark.

Since established from 1984, POWTRAN has attended many domestic and international exhibitions:

POWTRAN attended 2009 German Hannover Fair.

2009 German Hannover Fair 2009 German Hannover Fair

POWTRAN attended 2009 the 8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition.

8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition 8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition 8th China International Equipment Manufacturing Exposition

POWTRAN attended 2007 German Hannover Fair.

2007 German Hannover Fair 2007 German Hannover Fair 2007 German Hannover Fair

POWTRAN attended 2005 German Hannover Fair.

2005 German Hannover Fair 2005 German Hannover Fair

POWTRAN attended 2008 GuangZhou Automation Fair.

2008 GuangZhou Automation Fair

POWTRAN attended 2007 ShangHai International Industry Fair.

2007 ShangHai International Industry Fair 2007 ShangHai International Industry Fair

POWTRAN has been invited to 2008 China National Entrepreneur Forum for Energy-saving.

China National Entrepreneur Forum for Energy-saving Powtran Korea Powtran Cambodia Powtran Pakistan Powtran Russia

Market promotion: internet/magazine/exhibition/plane media


www.Frekvensomformer.net (Denmark) www.AC-Umrichter.com (Germany)
www.frequentieregelaars.com (Holland)
www.Variatori-AC.com (Italy)
www.Variatorefrequenza.com (Italy)
www.variadores-AC.com (Spain)
www.variadorfrecuencia.com (Spain)
www.Variateurs-AC.com (France)
www.VariateurFrequence.com (France)
www.conversoresfrequencia.com (Portugal)
www.inversorfrequencia.com (Portugal)
www.frekvensomriktare.com (Sweden)



... Multiplicity Plane advertisement

Exhibition: Hannover Messe Germany, Bombay India, Canton Fair, Guangzhou. Shanghai. Beijing. Shenyang. Nanning. Shenzhen. Dalian, Large comprehensive exhibition/Automation Exhibition/Science fruit exhibition/Application industry exhibition

Drive Pioneer Qualified Manufacturer

In 1984, Dalian Motor factory, one of the Chinese skeleton small and medium enterprise which introduced technology of Toshiba, taking the frequency inverters into China for the first time.
The solely funded enterprise was established in 1992.
As the first specialized inverter manufacturer, Powtran got ISO9002 approved in 1995, CE and TUV approved in 1997.
Dalian Powtran Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2001, elected national hi-tech enterprise and granted with self-support import and export rights.
Shenzhen Powtran Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2002.
ISO9001:2000 approved in 2004.
In 2005, 7 Family inverter is approved by the national authoritative institution, approved to be provincial technological fruit and approved by American ABS.
In 2006, production line is selected to be the significant new items of "National Torch Plan".
In 2006, the undertaker of "Eleventh Five-years Plan", the National High Technology Research and Development Program("863" Program)
In 2007, new product of energy-saving: PS7000 family motor-environmental protection energy-saving machine, PI7900 special power supply of electric magnetic stirrer are approved by the national authoritative institution and approved to be the provincial technological fruit.
Oversea company is being set up…


Integrative center of motor and power supply
Industrialization base of hybrid drive vehicle motor driving system
Public service stand of Numerical control technology
Research center of electric drive engineering
Development and application of new power and new energy resource

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