Motion control solution (energy saving & better process control): frequency inverter, variable speed drive (VSD), VFD, adjustable frequency drive (AFD), closed loop vector AC drive, motor soft starter, brake units...
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1.How could I get samples?
2.How much will the courier freight be for the samples?
3.How can I get your price list?
4.Can we have our logo or company name to be printed on your products or the package?
5.How to place an order?
6.Can you arrange the transportation for us ?
7.How can the products be sent to us?
8.What's your usual payment term for orders?
9.What's the warranty of your products? What's the policy for defective products
10.How can we become your (or sole) distributor ?
11.How can we get your monthly new products announcement?

1. How could I get samples?

We offer the samples of our products, such as frequency inverter, variable speed drive, servo motor and drive, motor soft starter... All the samples are charged. Usually, the sample price will be higher than the wholesale price.   

If you want to order the samples, we will calculate the sample cost and courier cost for you. If you have any courier account, the courier cost can be collected in your side. After your confirmation, we will prepare the proforma invoice.

For sample order, we prefer to accept payment by Western Union, MoneyGram. If you like to use T/T wire transfer, please pay both the bank charge in your side.

2.How much of the courier freight will be for the samples?

The courier freight depends on the quantity, weight, carton measurement and your area.

3. How can I get your price list?

If you are interested in some models and would like to know the price, please let us know the model number and your possible order quantity. Then we can quote you the better price for that quantity.

If you need a whole price list of all models for reference, you can contact us by email . Please kindly give us your company details (including your name, your country, detailed address, telephone number, fax number and your company brief introduction) for reference. And it's highly appreciated that you give us more information about the situation you will apply our frequency inverter, servo motor and drive, motor soft starter, EMI filter, and so on. Thus we can choose the suitable models for you. After that, we can quote you a whole price list.

Usually, the price depends on the quantity. If big quantity, you can contact us for discussion

4.Can we have our logo or company name to be printed on your products or the package?

Yes.  But the amount of order should be larger than US$50,000.00

Logo and/or imprints can be printed on our products by silk screen printing or other processing method. Of course we need to discuss this with details. You can send us the artwork by email in JPEG or TIFF format.

If you want your logo, company name to be printed on the package for the products(custom design package), such as paper carton, wooden carton, it's OK. Pls contact us for details with custom printing. You can send us the artwork by email in AI, EPS, TIFF or CorelDraw format (300 dpi). But the amount of order should be larger than US$20,000.00

5. How to place an order?

Please send us your purchase order by email or fax. Or you can ask us to send you a proforma invoice for your order. We need to know the following information for your order (not necessory, and some may not be included):

* Shipping information - company name, street address, telephone number, fax number, destination international airport or sea port, transportation method ( by courier, by air or by ocean container)
* Product information - model numbers, quantity, unit price
* Delivery time required
* Freight payment (to collect or prepay)
* Forwarder's contact details if there's any(in China or Hong Kong)
* The voltage
* The current
* The phase
* The power

More is better!!

It's better for us to confirm the information before your purchase order. As you know, applying frequency inverter, ac drive, variable speed drive, servomotor and servo drive, motor soft starter, EMI filter, and so on is kind of complicated. We need to communicate well for this.

6. Can you arrange the transportation for us?

Yes. We can arrange sea, air and courier transportation for you with great honor. In fact we think both offering our products and arranging the transportation service are the better choice for both.

7. How can the products be sent to us?

For small quantity or weight less than 40 kgs, sent to you usually by the courier.
For orders from 40 to 500 kgs, they can be sent by air to the international airport near you.
For big quantity or volume, sent usually by ocean container.

The transportation way depends on your choice. And the freight depends on quantity, weight, volume, transportation way, destination country (the international airport, sea port).

8. What's your usual payment term for orders?

Make payment with Western Union, Moneygram, for small amount, or Wire transfer ( T/T ) to our company bank account after order confirmation, or L/C at sight.

9. What's the warranty of your products?

Our products are guaranteed for 15 months from shipping date of the products. Then extended warranty to 24 months, with 8% extra of the total value of the goods is acceptable and necessary .

Within warranty time, in case of quality problem, POWTRAN wil replace a new product for defective one which power rating is under 5.5KW;

for the product which power rating is 7.5KW and above, POWTRAN will offer spare parts, including control board, power board, fan or other related parts which are necessary for repairing product free of charge

10. How can we become your (or sole) distributor?

It depends on the exact area or country. If you can sell our products of USD100,000.00 - 300,000.00 per year, you could be one of our distributors in your country or area; If you can sell our products worth more than USD300,000.00 - 1,000,000.00 per year, you could be our sole distributor in the country. Of course this depends the scale of the market of your country or area. We can communicate.

11. How can we get your monthly new products announcement?

Sorry. It doesn't work at the moment. But just email to us for the new products if there is any. (Please do email to us for the catalogue you are interested in)

Your honest, reliable partner in China for motor control solution, frequency changing solution, energy saving solution, industrial power solution.

Presented by Powtran Technology Co.,Ltd.(Shenzhen POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd.,DaLian POWTRAN Technology Co., Ltd. )


Knowledge for frequency inverter, VSD, motor softstarter, servomotor, servo drive, EMI filter:

1. What's frequency converter?

The term Frequency Converter is interchangeable with AC Power Source and AC Power Supply. Frequency Converter describes a black box that will accept one form of AC voltage input at a certain frequency and will convert that input to a desired AC voltage and frequency at the output. You can change voltage with a transformer or variac, but to change frequency you need a frequency converter (AC power source).

2. What is a variable speed AC drive?

AC drives control the speed of either an induction motor or a synchronous motor by adjusting the frequency of the power supplied to the motor. AC drives are also known as adjustable speed drives (ASD) or adjustable frequency drives (AFD) or variable frequency drives (VFD) or variable speed drives (VSD) or frequency converters (FC).

3. Why use AC drives (Frequency Inverter, AC drive inverter, variable voltage variable frequency drive, VVVF drive)?

Process control and energy conservation are the main functions.
Saving energy by using AC drives (frequency converter, VVVF drive).
Adjusting speed as a means of controlling a process.

AC Drives improve Speed Control and Energy Efficiency

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